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Managing the Present, Shaping the Future By S. Niyogi, Director (HR), GAIL (India) Ltd

The Genesis:

To face the realities of a changing external environment and to prepare itself for the open market scenario, GAIL has embarked on several path-breaking initiatives such as Strategy Development, Benchmarking, Business Process Reengineering, ERP and Quality Management Group. The purpose of these initiatives is to ensure proactive preparedness for future business challenges by identifying and adopting the best in class business practices and processes. Realization of these initiatives requires a whole new way of thinking and a new way of working in GAIL by putting people at the centre of Corporate Purpose.

The Objectives:

The main objective of this initiative is to universalize in GAIL that:

Change is continual and desirable

Employees aspirations are linked the organization’s objectives

Teamwork is essential to drive change

Scenario thinking must be developed to manage future uncertainties

Development of competencies and strategic temper are critical to make GAIL proactive to business realities

Build a sustainable Learning Organization

The Concept:

We believe that a new way of thinking and acting, which places the creation of meaning at its centre, can only be successful by involving the people. This can be done through visioning, through a deep understanding of reality and through complete involvement of our people. We believe that people become engaged and are inspired by their dreams, aspirations and hopes. This concept will be used for “putting people at the heart of corporate purpose”.

The Process:

The next eighteen months will see various activities spread over two main phases, a diagnostic phase followed by an implementation phase.

The diagnostic phase, spread over six months, involves conducting an extensive analysis to map the as-is or current mind-state of our organization. This will mean deploying various survey methods and instruments, in interactive sessions with individuals and groups in GAIL. In addition, a series of workshops will be held with people at various locations in the organization to evolve a GAIL Transformation Vision. These workshops will also be used for the purpose of understanding current realities and identifying the roadblocks.

The analyzed results of the diagnostic phase will lead to the identification of specific initiatives required to achieve the Transformation Vision. These initiatives will then be detailed out and implemented in the Implementation Phase, over the following one year. Communication initiatives, workshops, and training programmes will equip our people with specific skills required to work towards achieving the Transformation Vision. Our people shall have the capability of visioning to remain ahead of the competition. Parivartan will help us to shape our future and the future of GAIL.

Necessary systems would be deployed to supplement this Organizational Transformation. Pan organization communication at all stages of the project would be critical in making Project Parivartan a success.

Employees will be able to access latest information on Parivartan on our Corporate Internet. A monthly Parivartan newsletter will also be rolled out across all locations to bring employees in touch with latest developments. Your feedback is important through all such channels. A quick response team will ensure that all your mails are replied within a time frame.

The Team:

In order to facilitate this organization-wide initiative, GAIL has partnered with Pricewaterhouse Coopers Pvt. Ltd. The project is coordinated by a Parivartan Core Team based at the Corporate Office in New Delhi. This core team works under the guidance of the chairman and a Steering Committee, which comprises of the CMD and all directors of GAIL. A set of human catalysts has been identified from among our employees. These human catalysts are driving Project Parivartan and touching each and every GAIL employee – who is as much a part of the team of Project Parivartan.

The success of this project really lies in each of us playing different roles:

A Champion or Steering Committee member who provides guidance, support and monitors progress across the entire project.

A Parivartan Core Team member who plays the role of a focal point facilitating collation of the ideas, expectations and aspirations of all GAIL employees.

A Human Catalyst, representing the various geographies/ functions of GAIL and is a partner of the Parivartan Core Team, interfacing with all employees to create awareness, provide support and facilitate the process.

You who will contribute by participating in this initiative by providing your valuable inputs and feedback at all time It is only we who can make it happen – so lets all join hands in creating a better future for us and for our GAIL.

For more information:

Send us a mail at parivartan@gail.co.in

“Keep your mind open to change at all times. Welcome it. Court it.
It is only by examining and re-examining our opinions and ideas that we can progress.”

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